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How Our Auctions Work


Can I See and Test Drive A Vehicle I'm interested In Buying?

Absolutely! In fact we highly encourage you coming to our store and looking a car over before bidding on it. If you don’t like it in person, no reason to bother bidding, right?

How Do I Bid?

If you are at least 18 years old and have a current drivers license, all you do is register at the top of the page, and bid on one of our current auctions in process.

If a Vehicle Is on Auction and I Want It, Can I Just Buy It?

Yes, in fact this happens about half the time.  You can purchase a vehicle for the Buy It Now price.  Since we aggressively price our vehicles anyway, you will still get a great deal!  Once paperwork is done, we’ll remove that vehicle from auction.

Before You Bid...

If you bid, you are committing to pay the amount you bid.  If you can’t pay cash or get financing for that amount (we can help you with the financing), DON’T BID.

What is a Reserve Price?

Some of our vehicle may have a reserve price. The reserve price is the minimum price that vehicle can sell for.  If it shows Reserve Met, you know the top bidder is getting the car. However, many of our vehicles are labeled No Reserve which means the top bidder gets it at any price!

What does the bid amount include?

The bid amount covers the price of the vehicle. Other things such as documentation fee, tax, title, license are not included in the bid amount and are in addition to the bid amount.

Money Down

If you have the winning bid, we require money down within 24 hours to hold the vehicle.  You then have 5 business days to complete the purchase.

Complete The Purchase

Setup a time to stop at our store and we’ll have the paperwork ready to go.  If you need financing, we can help you there as well.  We offer some of the best financing rates around so let us show you what options we can offer you.

Why Do You Auction Some Of Your Vehicles? I Don't See Other Dealers Do That?

Well, actually other dealers do that all the time through sites like Ebay™ or when a vehicle has been on their lot too long, they will often take it to a dealer auction to sell to other dealers.  We decided to just auction direct to the public instead.

How Safe Am I Bidding On One Of Your Vehicles?

Very Safe!  If you think about it, it’s the same thing as coming to our lot and buying a vehicle.  We’re just giving you a special opportunity on pricing.  And since we offer a Lifetime Warranty and 3 day Money Back Guarantee, you have zero risk.

Texting Feature

If you see a vehicle on our site you’re considering, feel free to click the Text If Auctioned button and our system will notify you if we add it to our weekly auctions.  You don’t want to miss out!

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